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J.CO Donuts and Coffee: Sweet Stop, Beverages, & More!

J.CO Donuts and Coffee have taken the country by storm which just started last March 15, 2012 with the opening of the first JCO branch in SM Megamall

Everybody was curious about their donuts which proved to have tickled the taste buds of the Filipinos amidst multiple donut brands in the Philippine food industry. Now, they have branches in SM Mall of Asia, J.Co Greenbelt 3 in Makati, and Trinoma.
J.CO Cappuccino
Cappuccino Familia (top left clockwise-cappuccino chip frappe, hot cappuccino, hot cappuccino caramello, cappuccino cherry frappe)
The brand of J. CO Donuts and Coffee also screams “WE ARE NOT YOUR USUAL DONUT PLACE!”  This rings true for the common donut-lover, who soon learns that a donut flavor is not limited to Bavarian, chocolate, and butternut.  Have you met Alcapone?  What about going out with Blue Berrymore or Jackie Chunk?  With its wide array of flavors, J.CO Donuts and Coffee has redefined how we think of donuts; and a quick stop to the store may soon change your favorite flavor.

J.CO Beverages

J.CO is not only driven by its unique flavor selections of donuts, it also goes against the pastry flow by being a donut store that offers  a wide array of unique beverage concoctions.

For the Coffee-holics

J.CO prides itself in being the “Cappuccino Specialist” serving up its unique J.COFFEE blends:

1. Jcoccino
It’s cappuccino – J.CO style!  Sip on a blend of bold Italian espresso and milk topped with a masterfully-crafted foam art.  Especially mixed by a World Barista Champion, Jcoccino is a world-class flavor.  This is a classic drink that has an exclusively J.CO taste which will go well with any flavor!
Cafe Avocado with Avocado DiCaprio donut
Cafe Avocado with Avocado DiCaprio donut
J.CO Cappuccino Avocado
J.CO Cappuccino Avocado
2. Café Avocado 
For the more conservative, this is a lighter coffee-avocado alternative that’s surprisingly refreshing with just a hint of coffee boosted by accents of avocado flavor and chocolate syrup.

3. Cappuccino Avocado
Definitely one of J.CO’s unique liquid sensations, this freshly-made espresso infused with creamy avocado flavor is a cup to come back for.  Match it with the Avocado DiCaprio donut.

Coffee Alternatives

4. Iced Thai Tea
J.CO’s light and refreshing milk tea blend made from brewed tea extracts and the creamiest sweetened milk.  Stick with J.CO.  We can also meet your milk tea fix.
Iced Thai Tea with Why Nut donut
Iced Thai Tea with Why Nut donut
Jcoccino Greentea frappe
Jcoccino Greentea frappe
5. Green Tea Frappe
At J.CO, they love their green tea!  This drink is their perfect match as it is made from genuine Japanese Matcha green tea, blended with ice and milk.

Strawberry Yogurt Frappe
Strawberry Yogurt Frappe
6. Strawberry Yogurt Frappe
Berries and yogurt have always been a good mix and J.CO has its own version, with this blended frappe that uses J.CO’s own yogurt base.  Only the freshest strawberries go into this drink for a refreshingly cool, tart and sweet beverage.

7. Mixberry Yogurt Frappe
If you’re a “berry” adventurous person, this variety of berries in a cup is the yogurt-based drink for you.  With every sip is a sweet and tangy mix that delights your taste buds. This is my favorite!
Mixberry Yogurt Frappe
Mixberry Yogurt Frappe

Discover how yogurt can go well with the donuts!

J.CO’s very own healthy frozen yogurt mix that brings together the right sweetness of a frozen treat and the right tartness that is naturally found in yogurt.

It comes in 3 sizes:
  • Single (with 1 free topping)
  • Couple (with 2 + 1 free toppings)
  • Sharing (with 3 + 1 free toppings)
J.COOL Couple
J.COOL Couple
9. J.COOL Twist
A sundae-like mix of layers of guilt-free J.COOL yogurt with 5 toppings in between each swirly delight

These are just a few among J.CO’s varied selections.  To complete the experience, drop by the JCO branches in SM Megamall, Greenbelt 3, SM Mall of Asia and Trinoma Mall. Check out their website at www.jcodonuts.com, Facebook page at facebook.com/J.COPhils, and in twitter @J.COPhilippines1.

Watch out for the new J.CO Donuts and Coffee branches soon in SM Fairview, Alabang Town Center and Eastwood City.

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