Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Seattle’s Best Coffee Valentine Cookies This Heart's Day

The Love Fever continues to spread this Valentine's Day!. Aside from giving flowers, how about giving something edible and practical? Seatlle's Best Coffee comes up with something complementary to their coffees...the Seatlle's Best Coffee Valentine's Cookies!

Give that special someone a sweet heart with the SBC Valentine Cookies. The heart-shaped cookies are basically butter cookies covered with sweetness.

The SBC Valentine Cookies are available in four different designs and colors that suit a personality, There’s a chocolate flavored butter cookie and the classic butter cookie. Each is covered in fondant and carries a different design.

Each cookie comes in a presentable cute red box with lace for the price of P85.
SBC Valentine Cookies

Seattle’s Best Coffee Valentine Cookies

Seattle’s Best Coffee Valentine Cookies are only available until February 21, 2012! Hurry! <3

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