Monday, November 25, 2013

Oishi Jeep O, Team O, Blog Giveaway Winner!

Oishi Jeep O!
Oishi Jeep O!
It's been a while since our "Oishi Jeep O" Blog Giveaway! Pardon the late results as the situation brought about by Yolanda made it seemingly unfit to announce the winners of the "Oishi Jeep O, Team O" a few weeks ago.

But thank you for your patience with the release of the winner here at Taste of Manila. Thank you to our sponsor Oishi Philippines as well!
Without further adieu, the winner of the "Oishi Jeep O" Blog Giveaway to receive an O WOW! Moment with a giant pack of Oishi treats is

  • Bernadette Zareno-Balino

Congratulations! Thank you to all our participants! (the winner is also displayed automatically in the original contest post) You should have received a private message through your FB account on where you would pick up your prize.

Good News! Everyone may join another contest we are holding on another blog by sharing your Instagram photos with hashtags. See more details here at the San Miguel Beer SMB7107 Happy Click contest! There will be 10 winners and we have only 7 entries so far! :) Have a fun week with Oishi Jeep O!

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  1. Wow Thank you so much Taste of Manila. Excited to have a picture with the Gigantic Oishi Pack... Thanks for this wonderful experience.. More Power :)