Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2014 Nominees

Emerging Influential Blogs
Emerging Influential Blogs
It's the last day of voting for this year's Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs!

This is the 8th year of Ms Janette Toral's writing project recognizing new and deserving blogs which started August 2013 to the present. If you are interested to participate, check out this link:

As for my favorite new blogs who deserves this title, here they are:
  1. - vote now or never! This one of my favorite food blogs to date. Even my own main food blog pales to this awesome food blog. :P
  2. – It's your everyday and interesting news care of Mc Richard Paglicawan and his group. This blog is actually more than emerging, they're already there, and is certainly influential!
  3. – It's what's hip and up in Metro Manila when it comes to gigs. From music to movies, Gigs Manila is for you.
  4. – the concept itself is really 'astig', presenting awesome features for its readers.
  5. - travel, food, and lifestyle is what it's all about...and everything posh as well!
  6. - a fellow food blog, this blog focuses on our favorite - desserts!
  7. food and travel comes well together for this Travel Factor HQ managing partner writer. I am friends with the original TF founders and I hope she will be too. :P
  8. - mommy bloggers represent! Mom bloggers in the Philippines is a big group and this blog comes in handy to highlight this movement.
  9. - awesome blog about the latest in movies. I like its layout as well.
  10. – It's a different kind of blog and the photos are really good. Although it's not updated as often, you can get a lot form it.

This writing project was made possible by Digital Influencers Marketing Summit, Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur Program,Philippine Internet History #phnet20 Project,Digital Creators Boot Camp, Infinity Hub Web Development Services.

Please do check out these blogs which I nominated and hopefully you can support them too!

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