Saturday, December 19, 2015

Goldilocks x Oreo: Cookies and Creme Collaboration For the Holidays

It's one week before Christmas! With  more parties and family gatherings, we also get the opportunity to bond with family and friends during the celebration amidst lots of food preparations and gifts. 
Goldilocks Choco-Velvet Cake with Oreo
Goldilocks Choco-Velvet Cake with Oreo

Bring along something sweet and thoughtful with the the all-new Choco-Velvet Cake with Oreo from Goldilocks! In a collaboration with Mondelez International, this is a cake surely everyone will love.

Imagine three thick layers of black velvet base cake iced with the signature Oreo Whipped Crème, to go with an identical filling. Scrumptious mini-Oreos line the cake, with even more Oreo cookies and whipped crème rosettes to top it off. Indeed, the Goldilocks Choco-Velvet Cake with Oreo is  a cookies-and-crème delight like no other.

Do you like to twist-lick-and-dunk Oreo Cookies? Then it’s time to slice-taste-and-savor this amazing new creation. Find out more by following Goldilocks on Twitter or Instagram at @GoldiclocksPH, or through the official Goldilocks website at

Are you excited for the Goldilocks x Oreo collaboration of Choco-Velvet Cake with Oreo?

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