Sunday, January 1, 2012

Have a Taste of Manila

Eating is more than just an act of feeding ourselves for the sake of it, it is an experience all together. More than just for the purpose of survival, we should also give importance to the taste of our food.

In other words, we should savor the experience of dining, either in the comforts of our home with our family or in commercial restaurants when we dine out with friends and collegues.

Perhaps the name I intended for this food blog was in my subconscious as after searching in Google, I came across my own feature article almost three years ago entitled 'Taste of Manila' in my travel blog. It was about a food event in SM Megamall.

Join me as I start this new food blog and newest blog under the Blogger Manila Network (BMN) - Taste of Manila!

Although most of our features would be about dining experiences in Manila, this Filipino food blog is not limited to Manila-based restaurants. It is also open to features and restaurants outside of Metro Manila; and even beyond the Philippines. Recipes would also be shared for your cooking passions and other food-related news just like in our old food blog Yummy Manila.

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