Sunday, April 29, 2012

Me & My Jollibee Chocolate Float! *

Jollibee Coffee Float
Jollibee Coffee Float
Writing about Jollibee’s new Chocolate and Coffee Floats for Taste of Manila is close to my heart and reminiscent of my childhood years.

Jollibee has been around for years and even though they are really old in the business, it's good to know that they are not afraid to change with the times and fit the taste buds of the younger generation in the Philippines.

Floats -- not those big motorized platforms you see when it’s Mardi Gras time, but the soda beverages topped with soft-serve ice cream, once called Root beer float then changed to Coke float. With the continuous evolution of food and refreshments, Jollibee decided to put them together and make something really simple but totally new – the Jollibee Chocolate and Coffee Floats!
Jollibee Chocolate Float
Jollibee Chocolate Float
The Jollibee Chocolate Float has a rich taste and a fitting mood lifter while the Coffee Float is my “waker” topped with my childhood all-time favorite soft-served ice cream put together!

The concoction to mix both refreshment with an ice cream dessert is an experience of absolute delight in every sip!
Enchong Dee
Enchong Dee not included, sorry. Haha!

This season when the heat is really unbearable and can make you dehydrated, let Jollibee do the hydrating  for you! It will give you the refreshing and rewarding feeling of being cold and cozy inside the fast-food chain while sipping a cold float.
Jollibee Floats Perfect with Fries! :)
 For me, I like the Jollibee Chocolate Float more. Topped with creamy vanilla soft serve and chocolate syrup on a deliciously rich iced chocolate, this is an instant favorite for me - because of the yummy iced chocolate! The chocolate drink and the ice cream is the coolest combination!

* Story and Photos by Jospehine Arce

I think I found my perfect summer drink, and I'll be ordering more of Jollibee Chocolate Floats in the days to come. And the best part? I could easily find this one since Jollibee is almost everywhere! Yummy!

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  1. Jollibee does surprise me with their list of amazing menu. Although I think that they are also trying to get past their competitor McDonalds which already has a McCafe. Comparing the quality of the floats and frappes in McCafe, I gotta say I'll go for that than Jollibee's. But if you are into less price with the pleasure of chocolate/coffee and ice cream with a drizzle of Chocolate syrup on top, go for Jollibee.

    Haley McAdams ISO 22000