Thursday, April 5, 2012

Magnum Ice Cream in the Philippines

You would have known by now about the newest ice cream craze to hit the Philippines - Magnum Ice Cream!

An international brand known locally as carried by Selecta, Magnum ice cream is brought to the Philippines by Unilever.

Magnum Ice Cream
Magnum Ice Cream
It's marketing strategy in the Philippines is to sell it as a premium ice cream for the sophisticated with a high price point as well ranging from Php 50 in groceries and supermarket to Php 60 in small convenience stores and branches. Further reinforcing this is the use of celebrities to endorse the product. It was also able to launch a successful social media campaign through the Internet that was able to tap bloggers and social networks to make the ice cream 'wanted'.

Magnum Almond
Magnum Almond

It's generally a smooth and creamy ice cream bar coated with a thick layer of Belgian chocolate. A true feast for ice cream and chocolate lovers!

Magnum ice cream's 3 variants are the:
  • Magnum Classic
  • Magnum Almond
  • Magnum Chocolate Truffle

I recently tried the Almond flavor and was satisfied. I bought from the SM Supermarket  in SM Megamall where it is least expensive at P50.
Magnum Ice Cream Philippines
Magnum Ice Cream in the Philippines

Have you tried the new Magnum Ice Cream? What's your feedback? Was it worth it or is it too expensive for a sweet indulgence? Next, I want to try the Magnum Classic and Magnum Truffle.

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