Thursday, July 26, 2012

BonChon Chicken Offers Bulgogi Fest

Crunchy Chicken Bulgogi Rice
Crunchy Chicken Bulgogi Rice
BonChon Chicken features the Bulgogi Fest offering three new dishes to crave for - the Beef Bulgogi Rice, Beef Bulgogi Wrap, and Crunchy Chicken Bulgogi Rice.

The BonChon Bulgogi Fest features the classic Korean dish of grilled marinated meat in three delicious ways.

Asian-style Beef Bulgogi Rice features premium beef and BonChon’s homemade bulgogi sauce, tossed with onions and leeks, served over rice.

The fusion-inspired Beef Bulgogi Wrap is delicious beef bulgogi, romaine lettuce, and kimchi coleslaw enveloped in a grilled flour tortilla. Perfect on the go!

The star of Bulgogi Fest is the new BonChon-style Crunchy Chicken Bulgogi Rice, which combines classic Korean flavors and BonChon’s unique cooking method: a crispy chicken fillet cooked BonChon-style, tossed in the house recipe bulgogi sauce, onions, and leeks, then topped over hot rice.
BonChon Chicken Bulgogi Fest
BonChon Chicken Bulgogi Fest
Moreover, customers can have extra beef or chicken for the Beef Bulgogi Rice and Crunchy Chicken Bulgogi Rice for just P40.

These BonChon Chicken Bulgogi Fest meals are valued at P125 a la carte and P145 for a Ricebox Meal that comes with a regular iced tea or soda.

Beef up mealtimes and feast on BonChon’s Bulgogi Fest, available in all 22 BonChon branches in Metro Manila and Davao.  For more information, like their Facebook community at BonChon Chicken Philippines, and log onto

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